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Sherman Diamonds has been buying diamonds, jewelry, gold, and other valuables while providing instant cash to customers in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our precious metals and coin buyers guarantee you the best deal for any item that you are selling.

We understand that parting with your gold, diamonds, or jewelry can be tough, so our customized approach adapts to that. We will give you the most premier quote to take the treasure off your hands. You can be assured that our GIA-certified team of fine jewelry buyers will offer a great value for your fine jewelry, diamond, gold, or loose stone.

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Do you have a piece of jewelry, diamond, or gold you no longer use?

No problem. Sherman Diamonds are exceptional jewelry buyers, trading for any jewelry, from precious metal, gemstone, or timepiece.

What Do We Buy?

At Sherman Diamonds, we buy Diamonds, Gold, Coins, Jewelry, Timepieces, Brand Names, Precious Metals and Gemstones- you name it! You can easily turn that piece of jewelry you no longer use into money by selling it to us, or use it to bargain a new gem with us.

Why Sell Us Your Jewelry or Other Gold Pieces?

Gold has largely increased in value in the past few years.

Gold has largely increased in value in the past few years. So, if you no longer regularly use your men’s or women’s jewelry, you might be sitting on an expensive investment!

Why We are the Best Jewelry and Gold Buyers

Shahar Sherman comes from a family in the diamond buyer and jewelry seller industry. He grew up outside of Tel Aviv, Israel, settled in Houston, TX, and has over 25 years of experience working with diamonds and jewelry sellers in Israel and the United States — allowing you to get the best pricing.

Sherman’s attention to detail isn’t comparable to other dealers in the marketplace. He prides himself on the customer relationships he has built and continues to build, some of them including those on well-known television shows.

How Much Will You Get for Your Merchandise?

Cut, clarity, color, and carts are all assessed.

We take every piece of jewelry as unique and analyze all aspects of your pieces to give you the greatest value possible.

Using the most advanced machines, we’re always ready to show you the quality of the diamond or stone. This allows us to offer you the maximum price for your merchandise as we can see even the finest detail on our high-end machines. Watches are evaluated against the worldwide market, allowing the best offers from our timepiece buyers for pieces from Rolex, Patek Felipe, and Audemars Piguet.

Visit or call us at +1 (281) 609-6440 today. You can also request an online appraisal for the piece you want to sell to us. Let’s make selling your gold or jewelry hassle-free while offering the best prices.

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