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Perhaps you want to propose to your girlfriend with an awesome diamond ring, you want those diamond earrings for your wife, or she wants diamond jewelry. Or maybe you’re that lady looking to pamper yourself with a piece of fine jewelry for women. Sherman Diamonds is here to serve you and get you the best quality women’s jewelry at the lowest price.

Engagement Rings

Jewelry for Women

Known for our obsessive craftsmanship, wild imagination, and exceptional customer service, we’re the best dealer of women’s and men’s jewelry in Houston, TX, and nearby areas.

Sherman Diamonds’ collection of jewelry for women embraces the trends. We create chic pieces for the modern woman using carefully selected precious stones, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Check with us for antique-inspired cocktail rings, cuff bangles, bold necklaces, and statement rings or bracelets.

Our exclusive custom jewelry designs express the wearer’s originality and transcend fashion — they’re not disposable and will work regardless of the season.

Are You About to Propose or Get Married

Want to get a gift for your loved one, or treat yourself to a piece of fine jewelry?

Whatever your needs, you will find your dream jewelry piece at Sherman Diamonds.

Women's Jewelry

Women’s Necklaces

For many women, necklaces are something they wear every day, no matter the occasion. Your necklace can symbolize faith, family, or love, and is often a precious gift from a loved one. Sherman Diamonds carries traditional necklaces for women and a variety of more modern ones that feature diamonds, mixed metals, and more.

Women’s Wedding Rings

At Sherman Diamonds, you can select a wedding ring for women from our collection or opt for a customizable one. Each of our women’s wedding rings can be designed to commemorate your wedding experience, from gem colors to diamond accents and engravings.

Women’s Earrings

Women’s earrings are an excellent way to add a touch of style to your outfit without much fuss. Our women’s earrings feature multi-diamond earrings, simple metal studs, sparkling solitaires, and more.

Women’s Jewelry

Every woman deserves something special, so why not a piece of jewelry designed just for her? Our custom jewelry for women allows you to create a perfect piece of chic jewelry. Our process is so meticulous that you can pick every stone that goes into your unique piece. We stay up to date on the latest trends and timeless styles and are happy to guide you as well.

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